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Disaster Recovery Services in Chicago and the Suburbs for over 30 years

Private, Hybrid and Public Cloud Services

What is Production IT?

About Net56

Net56, Inc. is a privately owned Enterprise level business with a proven record in providing a full range of first-class IT network services to school districts and small-mid-market organizations. It’s abundant IT knowledge and boutique service offerings has played a part in their success to become the Elite leader in the IT services industry.

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Managed IT Services – Chicago and the Suburbs

Net56: Making Technology Transparent

At Net56 we make technology transparent. As a local Managed Service Provider located in Deer Park, Illinois, Net56 specializes in IT services for mid-large sized businesses, education institutions, lawyers’ offices, physicians’ offices and government agencies. We provide private, hybrid, and public cloud services from our very own data center in suburban Chicago. Net56 is a local Managed IT Services Firm with over 30 years of information technology experience. We offer the latest technology services and products including VoIP, Cloud Solutions, 21st Century Learning, Mobile Device Support, Wireless Networks, Hardware, IT Consulting, Firewalls, Telecommunications, and ongoing 24/7 help desk support. Have you asked yourself these questions about your business or school district:

    1. Is my server backed up and secure?
    2. What happens if our server crashes?
    3. Is all our data on a public or private cloud?
    4. What would happen if our cloud provider closed its doors? What will happen to all our information?
    5. Is it safe to use my phone or tablet to access my work email?
    6. If you answered “I don’t know” to any of these questions, you may be at risk of permanently losing your data, which could potentially put you out of business.

The IT professionals at Net56 have your answers! Net56 offers IT networking solutions for small to mid-sized businesses, attorneys and physicians’ offices, car dealerships, as well as government agencies. We are known for our 24/7 Customer Care for clients either through email, or by phone. No matter what time or wherever you are, Net56 can provide the support you need. Net56 offers active monitoring and remote management to provide you with the highest quality support. We offer architectural design of networks and will implement those solutions in a way that will help increase your profit margin. Network security is a small investment, but your data is something you cannot afford to lose. Contact us now for more information. Net56 is a Local Information Technology Solutions Company – “We Care about Your Future”

A Case Study in Disaster Recovery

This is a true story that took place in August 2011 with a Net56 client.

One of the schools in the Chicago Suburbs was having construction done in August 2011. When the workers were done for the day on Friday, a small area of the roof was open. Late Friday evening and early Saturday morning, a terrible rainstorm blew into the Chicago area. The rain came down in torrents and leaked into the room where the school servers were located. On Saturday, Net56 and the school’s technology director discussed how to address the problem, and Net56 was asked to return to the school on Sunday morning.

As requested, Don Robinson (COO) and the network engineer met with the technology director the next morning. The prognosis was not good. Water had run down the server rack and on to the servers. Testing revealed the servers were ruined. Sergey, the network engineer, removed the disk drives from all of the servers and returned to Net56 to begin the seemingly futile attempt to repair the equipment.

Sergey worked tirelessly throughout the day and night to recover the data from the disk drives, provision new servers in Net56’s datacenter, and then rebuild the servers with the recovered data. The amount of grit and dirt that had become embedded into the circuitry would not prevent the engineer from performing the miracle everyone thought impossible.

Very early Monday morning, all of the district’s servers were fully operational and all of the respective services were running and available to staff.

The real success part of this story is when staff arrived on Monday morning, there was no indication there had been any problem or outage over the weekend. All emails, software, and files were restored and nothing had been lost.

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Koch Technologies, Inc. (KTI) was founded in 1980 as a software research, design, and development firm. After over 30 years of business, we have seen technology change ….
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“IASBO reported that only 34% of Illinois school districts were able to use the Internet to take the state test. Some tried, but their systems crashed. Fortunately, With Net56 we were included in the 35% group. Thanks Hanna and Glenn!”
Dr. Frank Evans, Director of Operations & Business Services/District Treasurer



Net56 Certified IT specialists have the experience and knowledge to provide to help businesses, law firms, and education institutions realize the full potential of their IT resources.
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Our Brand Promise

What our Brand Promise Means to Us:

The Net56 brand promise is our commitment to make technology seamlessly integrated into everything you do – anywhere and anytime. No matter what type of business you have, or to what school district you belong, we pledge to follow through on our commitment to you. The red, white, black and blue spherical logo with……..more

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