Data/Document/Docket Storage Management

Choosing the best data storage solution for your law firm or business


Net56 understands the critical need for data storage solutions and has implemented a project management approach to help you select the best data storage solution that fits the mission, vision and goals of your organization.

Storing your data is not just about backing up data or keeping it in a Cloud somewhere. Storing your data requires careful consideration of your options. Using the project management approach to find a solution to your data/document/docket storage management helps you understand your data and the compliance issues involved with keeping data secure for your specific industry.  Net56 does this by implementing the following four steps:

  1. Net56 partners with you to identify the data and equipment that needs to be protected.
  2. We complete a risk assessment with you to determine critical needs and prioritize them according to budgets. By compartmentalizing your storage needs, we can identify the best solution that saves you the most money and can give you a better return on your investment.
  3. KNOW YOUR STORAGE PROVIDER. Net56 is a solid company that has been in the technology business for 30 years and growing. Your data is kept in our secure Data Center local to the Chicago area. We are able to offer you the best services at the price with a guarantee to return your data anytime you want it. Your data is monitored 24/7 in our local Data Center, so we know where it is located at all times (unlike some Cloud providers.)
  4. We give each client a Disaster Recovery Plan, so you know how your data is kept and how it is returned to you. The Net56 Disaster Recovery Plan is constantly tested and audited to validate our process is secure.

By using the project management approach, Net56 can assure you that we are providing the best solutions to fit your growing needs, now and in the future.


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