Learning Management Systems

For Business and Education

Choosing the right LMS system for business

Choosing the right Learning Management System for your business can be a daunting task. The LMS system is specific software used to help train employees as a requirement for certain certifications, or regulatory and compliance agencies.

The LMS infrastructure needs to:

  • Be able to manage the content of the training
  • Assess the training goal
  • Track the progress of meeting the goals
  • Collect the data to supervise the learning process for the entire organization
  • Allow the user to:
    • Register for a course
    • Administer the course
    • Determine the shortcomings from taking the course
    • Track and report the outcomes of the course

Some LMS systems are used for employee appraisals to discover learning shortfalls and can be a guide to training materials needed to develop the employee.

Some things to consider are:

  • Who will manage the content?
  • Will an administrator be needed to grant specific user privileges?
  • Can the LMS be integrated with a WebEx System if needed?
  • Is tracking available?
  • Will it integrate with my HRIS System?
  • Where will the content be hosted and how secure is it?
  • Is the LMS mobile friendly?

Net56 can host LMS Software and maintain the data in a secure environment for any length of time that you require.

LMS Software

Some examples of Software tools are:

LMS tools for better classroom management

Learning Management Systems have a variety of blended learning tools that can be used by school districts, teachers, parents and students for better classroom management in a digital classroom.

  • Posting assignments
  • Collecting assignments
  • Grading assignments
  • Returning assignments
  • Creating class rosters
  • Communicating and collaborating with teachers and students
  • Collecting resources for classes or projects
  • Creating online courses
  • Allowing parents to see student work
  • Taking attendance
  • Creating and grading quizzes and surveys
  • Creating teacher or classroom websites to communicate or showcase students ‘work
  • Creating ePortfolios for students to take with them

ELearning Software

Some eLearning software tools are:

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