President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Bruce L Koch is the founder of Net56, Inc. and currently serves as President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). He has over 35 years of engineering, systems design, networking and interfacing technology experience. Bruce is responsible for the company’s strategic direction, develops proprietary technologies, and establishes corporate sales and marketing goals. In addition, he drives the company’s growth in information technology (IT) infrastructure management services, while remaining proactively involved in the management of clients’ information technology infrastructure. Bruce has directed Net56 to examine partnership opportunities and acquire technologies that will allow the company to grow market share in selected traditional corporate and educational markets.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Don Robinson is Net56’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and leads all day-to-day operations. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics, a Bachelor of Music, and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. He also holds an educator license at the Illinois State Board of Education with Superintendent and Chief School Business Official endorsements. In his role, Don is responsible for all client operations and deliverables, both in the field and at headquarters. Don joined Net56 in 2008, and has worked in finance and technology for more than 35 years.


Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Howard Lim is the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for Net56 and is an expert on software implementation and server management. He has been with Net56 for more than 15 years and has abundant knowledge in working with our school districts. Howard graduated from Iowa State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering.

Chief Security Officer (CSO)

Todd A. Spight brings deep expertise in leading business strategy, ERP consolidation plus modernization, infrastructure, and cybersecurity. In his more than 20 years in IT, Todd has specialized in leading business strategy, cybersecurity, and business system modernization and consolidation. He has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Illinois State University and a Master of Science in Information Technology from Northwestern University. He also holds a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) certification.

Governance, Risk Management & Compliance Manager (GRC)

Rae Duncan is the Governance, Risk Management & Compliance Manager for Net56 with 20 years of experience working within the K-12 technology environment. With the team she previously led, Rae was recognized by HDI as one of the top 50 technical support centers nationwide for three consecutive years. She graduated from Judson University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology Systems, and is ITIL certified.

Network Operations Manager

Dave Kusch is our Network Operations Manager. Dave has been with Net56 for two years and has an extensive background as a Senior Systems Engineer, Network Administrator, and owned and operated his own IT consulting company. He also has incredible knowledge of Data Center Operations.