The latest security breach report through June 30, 2015 was just released by the Identity Theft Resource Center. The results are astounding!

The Identity Theft Resource Center categorizes 5 specific industries and reports breaches affecting 500 or more records. Those industries are:

  • Banking/Credit/Financial
  • Business
  • Educational
  • Government/Military
  • Medical/Healthcare

Last year, the Medical and Healthcare industry took the largest hit with a total of 333 data breaches, representing 42.5% of data breaches reported. A total of 8,277,991 records were compromised by hackers, loss of films/records/data through theft or unauthorized access/disclosure. Many times theft occurs to laptops, desktops, or other portable equipment. But the kind of theft from hackers is unsurmountable. This year, through June 30, 2015, the Medical and Healthcare industry has already seen 139 breaches, with 100, 926,229 records compromised. That’s an increase of over 1,000% and the year is only half over! The Anthem data breach that took place in March, 2015 had a large impact on these numbers with nearly 79 million records compromised from an attack that went undetected for nearly a year.

Another area that is being affected this year is the Business category. Hacking incidents are developing in small medical and dental offices across the United States. A dental office in Illinois had a network server hacked in June affecting 2,860 individuals. Outside of hacking incidents, unauthorized access/disclosure to network servers, and theft or loss of laptops and computer equipment remains high on the list.

The Education industry had 57 incidents reported in 2014, affecting 1,247,812 records. This year, the numbers continue to grow with 31 incidents reported through June 30th, 2015 and 724,318 records compromised. Breaches in the education industry typically hit community colleges and universities, but it is not without saying that public school districts are now beginning to show up on the data breach reports.

The White House has seen their share of security breaches. This year, a sophisticated hacker, assumed to be from Russia, penetrated the computer systems at the White House.

No one is immune to data intrusion or security breach. What you can do is make sure you are doing everything you can do to prevent a security breach by taking these steps:

  1. Have a strong security policy and mobile device management policy in place and all employees know what it is.
  2. A network assessment will help identify risks and recommend action to be taken.
  3. Look beyond IT –
    1. What are HR policies for employee exit strategies?
    2. What policies are in place for keeping company equipment used off-site secure?
    3. Do you have a data recovery plan in place?
    4. What is everyone’s rolls in the event of an emergency or disaster?
    5. Is there a regular training program for employees on handling sensitive data?
  4. Is encryption your only means of defense? You need more.
  5. Are security updates and patches completed in a timely fashion?
  6. 3rd party vendors need to be responsible. Let your vendors know what your security requirements are.
  7. Know where your data is at all the time.


Check out data breach statistics at the Identity Theft Resource Center or at the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services Office for Civil Rights – Breach Portal.

For video visit YouTube.


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