Super Bowl 2016 as a learning opportunity

Super Bowl 2016 was an exciting event, but it can also be a classroom learning opportunity as well.  Teachers can incorporate the Super Bowl into their lessons using the TeachHUB resource  Within this resource, educators can teach their students Language Arts, Math, and Social Studies lessons.

Super Bowl 2016 can be used as an idea for teachers to use when teaching Language Arts as writing prompts for ideas of topics to write about.  The 5 W’s and H of writing (Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How) can all be covered by students when writing about the big game.

Math is another subject that the Super Bowl can also be incorporated into in any classroom when using the Super Bowl Measurements Worksheet.  Using this worksheet, students can increase their math skills on measurements by measuring touchdowns scored by the players of Super Bowl 2016.

Social Studies can also be incorporated into the big game.  Students can learn about the culture of the United States and learn that the Super Bowl has been celebrated in America for the past 50 years.  From there, students can use the Super Bowl experience to also further their knowledge of international cultures by using the game of football played in America as a way to find out about the ways in which  sports fans in other countries are similar to sports fans in the US.

A lot of sports fans watched this year’s Super Bowl for different reasons.  Some might be watching as loyal fans of either the Broncos or the Panthers.  Others might be watching the big game for the commercials or the half-time show.  Educators also had a reason to watch Super Bowl 2016 and that was for ideas about expanding their student’s knowledge in Language Arts, Math, and Social Studies.  No matter what reason you watched the 2016 Super Bowl, one thing that everyone had in common was excitement and fun for everyone. Congratulations to the Denver Broncos on their big win!