Do you know exactly what exists within your network? Who is accessing what files and when – and with what device?

A network and security assessment is not just a scan of your network – it’s an in-depth analysis of people, processes and technology. We identify issues that put you at risk, and then we prioritize them in order of critical need. You don’t just get paperwork with data you don’t understand. You get assessments, reports, recommendations and action items on critical, as well as non-critical, issues in your network environment. Why should you get an assessment?

  • COST SAVINGS – We identify all network and security issues and then prioritize them in order of criticality. You don’t spend thousands of dollars fixing things that you don’t need to right now.
  • Find non-compliance issues quickly
  • Better performing network – Networks run smoother
  • Find holes that put you at risk for a security breach
  • A detailed look at server performance – know immediately what patches and updates are needed and fix them quickly.
  • Provide a baseline for future analysis
  • Asset management
  • Peace of mind

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