Apple announces iPad expansion for Classrooms

Apple issued a beta launch of iOS 9.3 to developers on January 11 that has great benefits for school administrators, teachers and students.  Time-saving improvements, as well as district-wide cost savings makes the wait worthwhile.  This newly launched version includes standard performance enhancements, as well as appealing educational apps that are capable of expanding the use of iPads in the classrooms.


Benefits for Administrators

  1. Aid to teachers and administrators purchasing apps and content
  2. Create Managed Apple IDs
  3. Allow District-wide device enrollment management


Benefits for Students

  1. Younger students can sign in with simple passcodes
  2. Photo IDs to assist students with iPad identification
  3. Students can easily pick up where they left off in prior classwork or lesson sessions
  4. Intelligent caching feature automatically loads prior content or apps – no long waits to reload
  5. More than one student at a time can access the same iPad


Benefits for Teachers

  1. Launch apps or websites to students’ individual devices
  2. Ability to disable student access to apps
  3. The ability to reset passwords
  4. Share student’s work to larger monitors

Everyone using iOS 9.3 will get the added benefit of less eye strain because iOS 9.3 includes the Night Shift tool.  This tool lessons eye strain by removing, based on the time of day, the display blue light which can causes interrupted sleep.  iOS 9.3 then turns ups the screen display yellows which helps eyes relax.