Network & Security Assessment

Five-step process to ensure your Network & Security needs are met

  1. The first step of the Assessment process is to complete a Technology Assessment Questionnaire. You are asked a series of questions about your current technology situation, including what you expect from us and what you hope to achieve. This is part of the discovery process.
  2. The second step of the Assessment process is an on-site visit by our Solutions Architect. The Solutions Architect evaluates the entire IT infrastructure, including networks and security practices. We do not collect business information. We collect only data required to complete our assessments, the third step of the IT Infrastructure.
  3.  In the third step, our Solutions Architect meets with the Chief Operations Officer (COO) and, together, they analyze the information collected and identify those issues most critical to the functionality and security of your network.
  4. In-depth reports are created for the client. The reports created are based upon the type of assessment requested. All reports are very detailed and easy enough for a business manager to understand.
  5. In the final step of the assessment, the COO will meet with you to review the reports and summarize our findings. A management plan is provided that will make the risks easy to manage. Managing risk in order of critical need takes the guesswork out of which issues to resolve first. This can save the client thousands of dollars from investing in hardware/software or repairs that are not immediately needed.

Please note, that while Net56 is a managed service provider and can complete any remedial work, it is not a requirement or condition to complete our network and security assessments. The network and security assessments are an additional service that we offer to clients.

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