Professional Learning
Professional Learning

Professional Learning

At Net56, we keep our staff current on the latest technology trends in education and business in order to be able to help you if, and when, you might have questions. We also assist you in keeping up-to-date technologically as follows:


      • Analyzing your staff’s training needs
      • Creating training plans
      • Providing training as needed on the following:
        • Hardware
        • Software
        • Apps
        • Best practices
        • Network security
        • Internet safety

Training administrators and staff enable us to integrate technology effectively and efficiently into the current environment. The IT Specialists at Net56 are proficient in the following methods and devices and are continually updating their skills and certifications:


  • Professional Development Needs Assessment
  • Training Planning & Scheduling
      • Online training
      • One-on-one
      • Small groups
      • Large groups
      • Network Security training for staff
      • Cloud Solutions
        • Software & Apps
          • Microsoft Office Suite
          • Productivity Software & Apps
          • SMART Notebook
          • Web 2.0 Tools
          • Student Response Systems
        • Devices
          • Mobile Devices / Smart Phones
          • Tablets / iPads / eReaders
          • Desktops / Laptops / Chromebooks
          • Interactive Whiteboards / Interactive Projectors
          • USB accessories