Data Breach Prevention

Data breaches can happen at any time and to any business. Big or small, they’re all the same to hackers. Small businesses and start-up companies are more vulnerable to hacking because many go without cyber protection thinking that they cannot afford it. Instead, the bigger issue these companies should be considering is can they afford to lose everything by not being covered for such a loss? Small business owners can invest in their future by implementing a data-protection plan consisting of the following three components: Discovery, Protection and Response/Notification.

Protection of company held and maintained data should go beyond just encrypting data. Detailed logs, semi-annual risk assessments, data audits, and routine maintenance should be conducted regularly to prevent data breaches. Company protocol training should also be provided to employees along with employee agreements as an additional layer of protection.

In the event of a hacking attack, how quickly and effectively a company responds to it can be just as cost effective as the initial protection cost. A Network monitoring system is a cost effective way to help protect against hackers.

Companies both large and small can both fall prey to data theft by hackers at any time. Small companies, who are statistically more at risk than larger companies, can and should protect in their company’s future by investing in a data-protection plan. The costs far out-weigh the long term effects that they would experience had they not had it in place.

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