Challenging app game increases vocabulary

Getting an education at any age can be an exciting and challenging experience no matter the subject. Technology is enhancing the learning experience for students of all ages in many ways from 3D printers to iPads. There are also many apps that can assist in the quest for an education. The Heads UP! app, created by comedian and talk show host Ellen is a gaming app that helps students increase their vocabulary.

Heads Up!, which only costs $.99 includes such diverse topics as Superstars, Act it Out, Animals Gone Wild, Movies, Accents & Impressions, Hey Mr. DJ, as well as Icons, Legends, and stars. The 2 player game works in that one player uses their iPhone or iPad with the app and the app displays a word on the “card” on the screen and the other player has to give the “card” holder a description of the word so that the other person can guess what the word is, but they have to do so before their time runs out. After the word is guessed, a new card is drawn just by tiling the player’s device. The different topics on this gaming app are a fun and interesting way for kids to expand their vocabulary. Another cool thing about this educational app is that you can record all of the fun you’re having as you play the game to share on Facebook, or just to be entertained yourself. The games can be played with one other person or as many people as you want.

School can be fun as well as challenging. By using the Heads Up! app, kids can be challenged while having fun expanding their vocabularies. And, as an added bonus, with all of the fun they can have while learning from this app, students will also want to continue learning even when they are away from the classroom. You can download the app from iTunes or the Google Play Store.