Many school districts are making the switch to the Net56 Cloud to reap the benefit of agility and scalability during times of increased workloads such as PARCC testing. Businesses are also taking the plunge and switching to the benefits of the Cloud. Both schools and businesses, have found that making the switch in order to reap these benefit have not been without growing pains.

AccuWeather, a global weather forecasting service, has found that ten to twenty percent of their staff are hesitant to make the switch as they feel it is going to put them out of a job. AccuWeather management feels that all of their employees should welcome the change to this more efficient business practice to align with their company’s strategic goals.

AccuWeather, has found that making the switch has enabled them to keep up with their growing market demand while cutting capital costs by 40 percent. Due to the increase in the worldwide use of connected devices to access their content, AccuWeather uses the Cloud to meet this increased demand more quickly and efficiently than they could in the past. In the past, they would have to spend a great deal of time and money acquiring the equipment and resources necessary to provide content to their customers. Now, through the use of the Cloud, AccuWeather’s staff can just go to the web, and send their information to their clients worldwide through just a few clicks of a mouse.

Although change brings with it a period of adjustment and is not always an easy process unilaterally, in the end, any growing pains wind up being well worth the struggle. Businesses and schools making the change to the Cloud will find that in the end that those pains were very well worth it.