Legal Teams and IT

Legal teams and law firm IT departments each have different responsibilities in order to be successful in their respective fields.  Lawyers and their associate’s focus on accessing and reducing risks relating to their firm’s cases as well as protecting company assets.  The main goal for IT departments in these same offices is to monitor and maintain the technology that the legal professionals utilize in their daily professional endeavors.  Although legal and IT departments have differing main objectives, both share the common goal of litigation outcome success and must find a way to successfully work in tandem in order to achieve this shared goal. By working together and becoming a united team in the quest of this shared common goal, legal and law firm IT professionals can find greater success. The following tips can help both departments work together to meet their common goal.

Know Who Does What and What Your Budget Is

Regular assembly meetings of key stakeholders from finance, HR, legal, and IT to discuss policy change updates including effecting a companywide software management plan and budget leader.

Speak the Same Language

Communicate in universal terms. Legal jargon and IT jargon are industry specific and do not always translate. Using a common vernacular by both departments enables more effective communication.

Agree on What Documents to Store and How Long to Store Them

Provide an air-tight companywide retention policy which clearly outlines procedure for maintaining and disposing of data.

Know Where Your Data Is

Enact a data map to designate where company data is stored and have a designated point person to manage and maintain it.

Tweak Your Plan

Adjust procedures accordingly.

Law firms can achieve greater overall litigation success by having their legal professionals and IT professionals form one cohesive unit in data procurement and recall. Any company success is a joint venture and, in forming a combined team, all members share in the victory.