Solutions for Education

Your teachers are creating learning experiences for their students and your technology staff is working hard to make the most of your IT investments. Net56 provides your staff the time and resources required to achieve your district’s educational mission. We offer managed IT services that overcome obstacles that can prevent you from reaching your goals.


Backup & Disaster Recovery


Backing up your data also allows your school to retrieve an earlier version of specific data. Properly backing up your data allows your school to better comply with legal retention requirements.

Connectivity and Integrations


Net56 provides connectivity and integration solutions that are customized for your organization’s needs. We have continued to adapt to technology changes to keep our business professionals proficient with current technology trends by offering the latest data integration services on the market today.

Learning Management System


Choosing the right Learning Management System for your business can be a daunting task. The LMS system is specific software used to help train employees as a requirement for certain certifications, or regulatory and compliance agencies.

Virtual Classroom


The future of education is online content, flipped classroom, and tools that help everyone communicate, collaborate, and create. Technology is the tool to get you there. Net56 guides you through the pros and cons of a variety of classroom technology options, including interactive whiteboards and projectors, mobile devices, tablets, laptops,cloud-based solutions, software, apps, and Learning Management Systems.



Net56 Is A Trusted Partner

Net56 offers customizable IT solutions to fit the specific needs of your school. We’ve been providing flexible, knowledgeable and professional service to schools throughout Chicagoland for over 30 years. Contact us below for a full assessment to see if your school is ready for when disaster strikes.

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