Are you suffering from Sticker Shock?

Are you thinking of adding a dedicated server to your business, but surprised at the high costs of hardware, software, and administration of the equipment. You may be unaware of the high utility costs to maintain the equipment until after you’ve spent thousands of dollars, installed it, and start receiving the monthly bills. Once the equipment is installed, you will need an experienced technician to maintain the equipment, make upgrades, and service your employees. You have considered virtual servers, but shudder at the thought of allowing your sensitive data to be lost somewhere and never able to retrieve it again. If this sounds like you, please read on.

Virtual servers are servers that are hosted online and managed by a hosting company with ongoing costs that vary by provider. The difference between “them” and “us” is this: Net56 is a local hosting company with a staff of friendly professionals, technicians and engineers to manage your data 24/7 in privately owned data center – for one low monthly cost. Now if this still interests you, please read on for pricing.