World’s Largest Hack Occurs when Employee Opens Email and Clicks on Link

The world’s largest hack took place 3 years ago and it all started by an employee opening and email and clicking on a link. There was little said about this hack until recently.

The cyber attack took place at Saudi Aramco, one of the world’s largest oil companies supplying 10% of the world’s oil. According to a recent article on CNN Money, a hacker shut down all logistics operations by shutting down and destroying 35,000 computers, forcing the company to revert to manual operations for managing supplies, shipping, and connecting with business partners. Phones lines were dead and corporate email was removed. The company temporarily stopped selling oil because there was no way to pay the refill trucks. After 17 days, CNN reports the company started “giving oil away for free to keep it flowing within Saudi Arabia.” It took 5 months to get the company in full operation again.

What would happen to your organization if this happened to you? Would you be able to survive? Chances are, an attack like this could easily bankrupt a small company or put them out of business indefinitely. Are you doing everything you can to prevent an attack on your business? One of the biggest reasons a company is open to hackers is employees are not properly trained or following IT policies and procedures. The Aramco attack started from an employee clicking on a link contained in an email. Hackers can make the email look like it’s coming from someone you know, but generally short and contains a link that is a virus. A network security audit will reveal vulnerabilities and open ports that sometimes go undetected for months before you are aware you have been hacked. Let us know if we can help.